geological time spiralOur planet has been suffering constant changes from its origins.
These was produced by volcanic activity, the impacts of meteorites, the influence of the formation of our moon, climate change, the orogenic activity, and other factors, which successively endangered the life and triggered disasters.
In the middle of apparent chaos that was continually produced, life found the way to form first living beings. Into the lower Cambrian (about 540 million years ago), the primitive seas had a large amount of coral reefs.
Life was evolved giving origin to certain agencies with hard skeletons.
Millions of years later, we find fossilized and allow its radiometric dating, as is the case of the archaeocyatha on Casafranca’s deposit bracts and surroundings (Salamanca, Spain), also showing us their origin and evolution.
At this point, we can talk about this deposit like a true survivor.


Marble deposit in Salamanca


Our mining concession is located in the southern part of the province of Salamanca, in a area called “Entresierras”.
It has a very convenient location, including four different town areas: Casafranca, Endrinal, Los Santos and Fuenterroble.
Most of the mineral deposit exceeds the altitude of nine hundred meters above the sea level, being “The Monreal peak”  the highest points of the granting counting with 1.084 meters  in altitude, and “The Calamorra peak”, that counts with 1.058 meters of altitude too.
All of that means that we have a gentle terrain with a very easily access to any area of removal present or future of the ornamental rocks of the deposit.